Our Therapists
Jennifer D. Vann, LMFT
Director of Services

Jennifer is the owner and Director of Services of Cornerstone, which opened in 2011.  Jennifer holds a Masters Degree in Family Studies, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Kentucky.  With over 13 years of experience in the field she specializes in working with women, adolescents, young adults in transition, couples, and family therapy.  Jennifer also works with high functioning adolescents with Aspergers in both individual and group settings.  She approaches counseling from a client–centered perspective using creative methods and a variety of therapeutic approaches to assist clients in finding individualized solutions. Jennifer enjoys watching people discover the power they have in their own lives to create meaningful change, and is inspired by seeing families and relationships heal through the therapy process. Jennifer also enjoys giving presentations to schools and communities and helping parents explore ways to connect with their children in a genuine and meaningful way.  Jennifer holds a board seat with the Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and is an active member on both the local chapter and state levels.   She is also an approved supervisor candidate under the supervision of Sean Davis, LMFT.
To talk more with Jennifer or to set up an appointment you can reach her at 770-910-2753.

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Manda Turetsky, MS, MBA, EdS

Manda Turetsky, the owner of Success Narratives, LLC, is a writer, editor, counselor and consultant. A multi-published author, trainer and psychotherapist, Manda has nearly two decades experience writing, teaching and counseling professionally – as well as full-time experience in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds. Her mission is to help individuals and organizations become more successful by implementing strong interpersonal and communication skills. 

Manda holds a BA in English and MBA in Marketing/Entrepreneurship from the University of Georgia, as well as an MS and Educational Specialist degrees in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. She works out of Roswell, Georgia, to provide writing and editing services, leadership coaching, and “soft skills” workshops for organizations, as well as personal coaching and counseling for individuals. 

To talk more with Manda or to set up an appointment you can reach her at 770-910-2753.

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Calli Cruz, LMFT

Calli holds a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University, with a specialization in child and adolescent therapy. She also enjoys working with couples, families, as well as providing individual sessions. Calli firmly believes in meeting people where they are and will work closely with each client to customize treatment to meet their specific needs. She is holistic in her approach and utilizes family systems, solution focused, cognitive behavioral and Christian perspectives. Calli has additional training in TF-CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy) and TBRI (trust based relational intervention). She also enjoys providing education through workshops and presentations on effective communication, family functioning, parenting, marriage/relationship health, and addressing mental health in the church and would be glad to customize a presentation based on your needs. Calli is excited by the growth and discovery that happens in the lives of her clients and believes that each person has the ability to make the change they want with encouragement and the right tools. To talk more with Calli or set up an appointment you can reach her at 770-910-2753.

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Edna Abney, MAMFT

Edna is passionate about the development of healthy emotional wellness in individual, couple, and family relationships. She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from NorthCentral University. In Edna’s work with individuals, couples, and families she seeks to help people make meaning of their experiences and become more aware in their lives, while achieving a deeper sense of peace and mindfulness. She believes each person is an expert in their own life, and it is therefore critical to provide an open, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where clients can explore current narratives they have developed around the stories that have occurred. Edna believes the therapy room is the ultimate haven for unfiltered, uncensored exploration. She is honored to be able to walk with each client in this journey, helping others find emotional wellness and relationship strength while exploring alternate possibilities. Edna is under the clinical direction and supervision of Jennifer Vann, LMFT and supervision of Dr. Tequila Hill, LMFT. To schedule an appointment with Edna you can reach her at   770-910-2753.

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Niti Patel, MAMFT
MFT Intern

Niti holds a Master of Science in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. She works with individuals, couples, and families and believes in collaborating with her clients to redefine the relationships they have with others but most importantly, themselves. She addresses the impact of generational change, cultural influence, as well as family of origin issues, as she is passionate exploring multiculturalism and the effects of immigration. Niti has extensive training and experience in the fields of domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse. She works with clients to rewrite the stories they feel confined to. By helping them redefine their journeys, she hopes to empower her clients to reach the goals they set for themselves. Niti respects the distinct narratives shared by each client and thrives to help them achieve the success they are in search of. She practices from a strength-based approach while carefully blending together the theoretical frameworks that allow her to meet her clients where they are. Niti is under the clinical direction and supervision of Jennifer Vann, LMFT. To schedule an appointment with Niti you can reach her a770-910-2753.

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Sheterra Walker, MAMFT
MFT Intern

Sheterra holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and a certificate in Child and Adolescent Counseling from Richmont Graduate University. She works with individuals, families, and couples from a pedagogical approach. She firmly believes that psychoeducation is the core to building & sustaining healthy lifestyles. She has experience in working with children and families with trauma, recovery, and family transitions during the family life cycle. In her work with children, she creates an empowering, artistic, and informative atmosphere that allows children to tell their stories through therapeutic play. She seeks to help people grow from their core through self-awareness and greater insight into their strengths and challenges. She believes in the importance of individuals seeing themselves as a whole being accepting, embracing, and owning their journey. Each individual already has the tools they need to live a healthy and balanced life, they just need guidance to tap into them. Her ultimate goal is to help people explore their true narrative. Sheterra is under the clinical direction and supervision of Jennifer Vann, LMFT and supervision of Dr. Tequila Hill, LMFT. To schedule an appointment with Sheterra you can reach her at 770-910-2753.

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​Shirley Shani Ben-Zvi
MFT Intern

Shirley is an incurable optimist and believes that we all have all the resources we need to be the people we strive to be. Therefore, she is always looking at your desired goals for a better future. Because it's your journey, Shirley considers you as the experts on your destination, as well as of the ways to get there. She feels it's an honor and a privilege to be allowed to walk part of the journey side by side with individuals, couples, and families. Shirley is a Master Practitioner of NLP and an intern in the Master's program for Marriage and Family Therapy, with Medical Family Therapy specialty at NorthCentral University. She is also able to provide services in Hebrew. Shirley plans to peruse a Ph.D. as soon as she graduates. Shirley is practicing under the clinical direction and supervision of Jennifer Vann, LMFT and supervision of Dr. Kara McDaniel.  To schedule an appointment with Shirley you can reach her at 770-910-2753.

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