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Our Email and Scheduling Policy:



We know that email  and online scheduling would be super convenient for everyone... including us! Each therapist handles their own email policies. Check-in with your therapist to find out if they use email.  We choose not to offer online scheduling for 2 reasons: First, we believe that talking to you directly before scheduling an appointment helps us form a connection with you before you arrive. And sometimes, we, and you, find out information in that first phone conversation that helps us decide which clinician is the best fit for you.  Secondly, most folks have practical questions about availability, payment, or clinical specialties that are best answered before you come to your first session.  That information is in each therapist's paperwork if you want to check it out... but let's be honest, it's easier to ask those questions rather than sort through all that paperwork!

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       A note about our building:

We are located in an office complex with 2 buildings: Modern Dentistry and Longevity Health. We share a building with Modern Dentistry.  Come on in!  Our suite is on the right when you walk in the building.

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