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At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves at meeting our clients where they are. You are unique, and so is your family, so it makes sense that the solutions to your challenges will be unique too. We make no assumptions about how long therapy will last or what "kind" of therapy you or your family need. Because you are unique your therapy experience will be as well.  

Young Women Brainstorming

Our Group Therapy services offer clients a safe and collaborative space to process different perspective on the issues they are facing with help of others in similar situations. We recognize the importance of community, while also creating a space for your individuality.  Our clinicians promote open, authentic dialogue and expression.  Currently we offer educational, support, and mindfulness groups at cornerstone. 

Public Speaker

Our clinicians want to talk to the community about mental health and some of the issues we face as individuals, parents, couples, and families.  We have several presentations that we’re comfortable giving on short notice, but we are also available  to create presentations based on your needs.  Some of our short-notice presentations are listed below.  Please contact us if we can help serve you.

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