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Terri Houff


Terri is a graduate of Capella University with a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is committed to helping others reach their goals in an attainable and life-giving way. A teacher and an encourager at heart, Terri has 18 years of successfully discovering untapped strengths and inherent wisdom in her clients, helping turn despair into hope.

Her specialties include communication, relationship, and marital concerns, life transitions (empty nest, widowhood, divorce (or contemplating divorce), young professionals, job loss, family additions), anxiety, depression, and blended/step families.

Terri, her husband, James, and their five children enjoy spending time together and being outdoors.


To talk more with Terri or set up an appointment you can reach her at 770-910-2753 ex: 711.

Click here to request an appointment with Terri.

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